Friday, July 5, 2013

SeNsAtional Summer Tour featuring Melanie Harlow! (with giveaway!)

Today, I'm hosting Melanie Harlow, author of SPEAK EASY. This book sounds AMAZING, and I can't wait to read it! Plus, Melanie is hilarious. Take it away, Melanie!


For me, nothing beats a good sexy book.

So I felt tons of pressure writing the sexy scenes of SPEAK EASY because I know how much I look forward to them as a reader.

I slow down and savor every word. I fan myself. Then I reread immediately, just to make sure there was no luscious little detail I might have missed.

But when I went to write those kinds of scenes, I realized had a problem...

SPEAK EASY is set in 1923. Flappers! Gangsters! Illegal booze! Hot Jazz!

Sexy, right?

Sure, until you get to a love scene where your characters have to undress each other. My main character, Tiny, and her bad boy, Enzo, were hot and heavy when he undid the side zipper of her dress (slowwwwly, of course).

"Well, wait a minute," the History Major in me said. "Are you sure that dress would've had a zipper?"


I looked it up, and of course the HM was right--zippers were not common until the late 1920s. "Well, they existed, anyway," I thought. "I'm using it."

But the problem was, they didn't call them zippers--they called them lockers.

OK, fine. He undid her locker.

Hmph. Just doesn't have the same effect, am I wrong?

Even when I did overcome that little issue, then I had to think about what they were wearing underneath their clothes. In my head, my bad boy looks like this in his underwear:

However, in all the ads I could find, 1920s men's underwear looks like this:

Or this:

Can you imagine? She slipped her hand inside his "Drop Seat" union suit.

Ummm, no.

So, be warned, nitpicky readers—if it meant ruining my sexy scene with ugly underwear, occasionally I told my inner HM to buzz off.

Someday, someone on Goodreads will say, "She sucks at research! She has her character in undergarments that didn't exist in 1923!"

I hope you will join me in directing them to this post. If they choose Munsingwear over Hugo Boss, I'll refund their money.

Thanks, Colina, for having me!

Speak Easy is out July 22, 2013.

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Melanie has generously offered an ebook of SPEAK EASY to one lucky commenter. Let her know what you think of her upcoming book, and good luck!


  1. THAT *points above* (well, not the underwear, but the entire post's context) is why I'll never write historical fiction :))

  2. LOL. Awesome post. That is exactly what scares me about historical fiction. The research. I don't even think that way! And the book is perfect in my mind (since I've had a chance to read Speak Easy) so screw anyone who complains. :)