Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teaser #4: Addicted to You...

...is about different kinds of love. Romantic love. Family love. And love between friends.

“This has never happened in the ten years I’ve known you.”

“It’s never happened, full stop,” Leah said. Helena, on the other hand, had had enough boyfriends for the both of them, and she’d been in love no less than five times in the years since they’d met.

To Helena’s benefit, she had dumped one of them after he called Leah some choice words and demanded Helena choose between the two of them. She had been absolutely certain Helena would choose him because who in their right mind would pick her over the guy they claimed to love? She’d been shocked when Helena showed up at her parents’ estate and casually asked if she could sleep over before crying all over Leah’s bed. Leah might have cried too, but she’d deny it if Helena ever brought it up.

One more week! Yay! ♥

Keep your eyes peeled this Friday, when a new giveaway will open up to win copies of Addicted to You. Then come back Monday for the start of the blog tour! Woo!

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