Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Addicted to You is here!


I'm alternating between feeling like this:

And like this:

*deep breaths*

You can purchase Addicted to You in several ways!

- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
- iBookstore
- Smashwords

Don't forget, you can still enter to win one of ten signed paperback copies on Goodreads!

To celebrate the release, I'm also giving you the chance to win this awesome swag:

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If you buy the book, I will love you forever ♥ And if you liked it, it would be awesome if you left a review. Thank you so much!

Happy Tuesday, and I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Addicted to New Adult!

My agent and the fabulous people at New Leaf are putting on an epic Addicted to New Adult campaign.

Not only will there be a ton of fun posts in the next few weeks, but there's also an amazing giveaway!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Want some swag? Giveaways galore!

ETA: Addicted to You is available for PREORDER on Kobo!

You have ONE DAY LEFT to enter this massive swag + ebook giveaway!

Here's what you can get from me: a notebook and pen set!

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In addition to the swag giveaway, the Addicted to You blog tour starts Monday, but the giveaway has already started! Enter to win your choice of a paperback or ebook copy plus a $15 Amazon gift card.

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ALSO! Come back NEXT WEEK to enter to win even MORE swag + books + sweet extras.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teaser #4: Addicted to You...

...is about different kinds of love. Romantic love. Family love. And love between friends.

“This has never happened in the ten years I’ve known you.”

“It’s never happened, full stop,” Leah said. Helena, on the other hand, had had enough boyfriends for the both of them, and she’d been in love no less than five times in the years since they’d met.

To Helena’s benefit, she had dumped one of them after he called Leah some choice words and demanded Helena choose between the two of them. She had been absolutely certain Helena would choose him because who in their right mind would pick her over the guy they claimed to love? She’d been shocked when Helena showed up at her parents’ estate and casually asked if she could sleep over before crying all over Leah’s bed. Leah might have cried too, but she’d deny it if Helena ever brought it up.

One more week! Yay! ♥

Keep your eyes peeled this Friday, when a new giveaway will open up to win copies of Addicted to You. Then come back Monday for the start of the blog tour! Woo!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Giveaway: 5 e-ARCs of upcoming NA releases!

Here's a fabulous giveaway for e-ARCs of the following NA releases!

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Good luck! ♥

Keep your eye out for another giveaway next week! :D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teaser #3: Addicted to You...

...has drama. As all good stories should. Would you believe I've become more accustomed to writing fight scenes than kissing scenes? For shame! lol (Addicted to You doesn't have any fight scenes, in case you're wondering, unless you count verbal sparring.)

“Leah,” he said.

Her eyes fluttered shut. The sound of her name on his lips, spoken with painful tenderness, made that ache in her chest grow sharper. She couldn’t do this right now. Everything felt too brittle. She hated feeling this way, and she hated even more that he had to witness it.

“Good night,” she said and tried again to push past him.

He shifted to block her escape. His other hand came up to touch her cheek. The ache spread into her stomach. She couldn’t do this. She didn’t want to feel anything right now, and he made her feel too much. She turned her face away, and his fingers paused, inches from contact.

What could they be talking about? You'll have the chance to find out in two weeks when Addicted to You releases! Aaaah~

Next Tuesday, an excerpt about the different kinds of love! ♥

P.S. You can still enter to win a signed paperback!

Friday, June 7, 2013

[Cover Reveal] Of Darkness and Crowns by Trisha Wolfe

Of Darkness and Crowns (Goddess Wars #2)
Release Date: September 1, 2013
Cover artist: Steven Novak
Cover Reveal Organized by: YA Bound Book Tours


Summary from Goodreads:
The moon goddess has taken up residency within Prince Caben, darkening his mind and soul. Now he hunts the very women he sacrificed his life to save, his conflicting desires for love and power raging a battle within him. Kaliope possesses the key to setting Bale free, and Caben will stop at nothing to see his goddess restored. Even if that means destroying the kingdom he’s sworn to protect, and the infuriating woman who torments his thoughts.

Kaliope, now the leader to the newly formed Nactue Guard, has vowed to save Caben. But with a traitor lurking among her people, and powers she’s unable to fully control, Kaliope’s mission becomes shrouded with doubt. Her new role as watcher over Caben’s kingdom brings a burden she’s unable to bear alone, and appointing the right person in charge of the prince’s affairs has turned a kingdom against the Nactue leader. Saving her stubborn, willful prince from the darkness overtaking him will be the battle of her life, and she needs people she can trust by her side. But bad blood between members of the Nactue obscure Kaliope’s journey, while her feelings for Caben cloud her judgment.

When the time comes to do what she must to destroy the goddess of chaos, will she be able to if it means losing Caben forever?

Book two of the Goddess Wars is told in dual point of view from Kaliope and Caben. New Adult Dark Fantasy, intended for readers 17 years of age and older. 

***Excerpt (Caben’s POV)***

The Crusher grinds to a halt. I’m propelled forward, and my head smacks the low-hanging ceiling of the front compartment.
“Damn, you fool!” I palm my throbbing forehead, eyeing the driver of the Crusher—the machines I now call by their Otherworlder name.
“Sorry, my liege,” he says, backing against his seat, farther away from the glowing ribbons circling my fingers. 
Ignoring him, I study the luminous white—like the surface of the moon—crawling beneath my skin, and marvel at the power. My power. Had I possessed it that day the Cavan Army forced me from my home, they never could have done so easily. But then, I never would have obtained this power. Ironic. 
“Just drive,” I tell him. I take a seat on the front bench, away from the foul stench emanating from the back compartment—our diversion tactic that will gain me entry into my palace, where I know she’s being kept.
The glow beneath my skin illuminates brighter, reminding me of her skin. I curl my fingers into a tight ball.
The battle up ahead is only part of my plan, one that I know Kaliope will fall for. I need the reserves away from the palace. Then we’ll take care of her Nactue once we’re inside. My back molars clamp down hard at the thought of her—a mix of something like fire and nausea invading my stomach.
At one time, I felt things for the black-haired beauty. I chuckle to myself. Well, at least my groin did. Just thinking of her body makes me ache, and I have to adjust myself. But that was when I was weak, when I only thought and felt with that weakness. As much as I hated my father for thinking me too feeble to rule, he was right. I was pathetic.
Bale freed me. Released the part of me that I kept buried, locked away deep down, and I no longer fear anything. I think of everything that once made me shudder or quake with dread and laugh. It’s so simple.
Without fear, there is only freedom.
And if I free Bale completely, releasing her from within my being and making her corporeal, she’ll bestow me with even more power. I don’t care what the dark goddess does or where she goes once I restore Empress Iana’s relic. I don’t give a damn what happens to the maggoty Otherworlders or their realm.
I just want her out of my mind. And I want the power.
Then I’ll set my sights on Perinya, and on gaining what’s mine.
A deep cackle fills my head, deep and sultry.
“Quiet, woman.” I roll my eyes. We’ve come to a compromise, the goddess and I, that she may remain within my mind, but she’s to keep quiet. I got tired of her constant lectures and angry rants about her sisters. She does stay silent…for the most part. But the sooner I get her out of my head, the better.
Having a woman fill your thoughts is a weakness in itself. A sudden flash of a smiling, laughing Kal blurs my vision, and I shake my head.
There’s only one way to rid my thoughts of that woman.
Kill her.
“Burrow, leach,” I command the driver. “We’re coming up on the battle. Go underground.”
“Yes, my liege.”
Tonight, I plot. Find a way into the capital of Perinya and into my home. And then take back what’s mine. The goddess can have what she wants. I’m only interested in claiming what’s mine.
No one will ever take anything away from me again.
Don’t get in my way, Kal.
I shake my head harder, trying to quiet the pesky thoughts that always spring up when I think of her. Something left over from before—a residual feeling, an effect she has on me.
It won’t be there much longer. I smile, and Bale laughs.


Of Silver and Beasts (Goddess Wars #1)
Release Date:  April 19th 2013

Summary from Goodreads:
In the sand-covered queendom of Cavan, the goddess once saved a young Kaliope’s life, preventing the mercury her father attempted to hide in her blood from reaching her heart. Now, a cybernetic clamp filters it, but the silver streaks swirling faintly beneath her skin are a constant reminder that she’s different.

When nineteen-year-old Kaliope is chosen as head of the Nactue Guard, she becomes the sworn protector to her empress. In the midst of an invasion on a neighboring land, Kaliope is placed in charge of guarding Prince Caben, the last heir to his kingdom. But when they’re attacked by the feared Otherworlders, Caben and Kaliope are abducted and taken below to a realm where they must fight for their life in a caged arena.

Kaliope struggles to protect her princely charge, keeping him and herself alive while battling inhumanly opponents, and trying to save the stolen, sacred relic that will restore her empress’s life force and all of Cavan. And if she can somehow awaken the goddess within her, she may save what’s most important.

New Adult Dark Fantasy: Intended for readers 17 years of age and older.

Of Silver and Beasts is on sale right now for only $.99.  Get your copy here:
 photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg  photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg  photo KoboIcon_zps515cdc1a.jpg

Where to find Trisha:

***Bonus Material***
Don’t miss out on the bonus scene of Astarte’s WrathBath Scene in Xarion’s POV

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Addicted to You official blog tour!

Click the banner to see the blog tour page (with upcoming giveaway!). Otherwise, here's the full schedule as well:

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Teaser #2: Addicted to You...

...is light-hearted.

Leah prepared to endure endless reminiscences about whatever the hell kind of paradisiacal environment could have produced such a beautiful man. Magical dust and fairy god mothers were almost certainly involved. Maybe even footmen made of mice.

“How detailed are we supposed to get?” she asked.

He gave a ridiculously sexy shrug. “What do you want to know?”

How you look without your clothes on. If you’re a shouter. How many inches— She cut herself off before the heat in her neck could give away her thoughts.

Three more weeks til release! Woo!

Tune in next Tuesday for an excerpt about... drama~ (not the melodramatic kind...I hope lol) ♥

And don't forget, you can still enter to win a signed paperback!